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Denis Hegarty
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Success Online – What Does It Mean?

The internet is changing at such a rapid pace that it’s very hard to keep up with everything that’s happening, and for any business to be successful online they need to keep to know and implement the basic strategies and then do their best to keep on top of the onging changes, so they can adapt to meet the changes.

However, success means different things to most business owners and mangers. You have:

  • the sole trader looking to get a few new leads coming via their web or facebook page
  • the company looking to increase its brand awareness online through all the different online media channels
  • the retail store looking to double its product sales online
  • to the information marketer selling their products¬†or affiliate products online at minimal costs, so they can travel the world on the recurring revenue that flows into their paypal account every¬†day.

This site is intended to keep you up to date with the latest internet marketing trends – from Keyword Research to the latest web traffic methods including Google and Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Right now you can access our latest webinars and if you our local in the South East of Ireland you can come meet me at our monthly seminars in Waterford or Tramore.

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I welcome any feedback you have and if you need help in any particular area please let us know and we will add it into our webinars or post some information on the site.